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Solenipro, LLC (here after referred to as Solenipro) provides consulting services specializing in helping businesses grow and expand their business operations, services, products or technologies. Our business development experts work closely with you and your team to strategically align your company for future growth and development while maintaining a focus on increasing profitability and sustainability.

Solenipro offers a list of services for businesses to choose from, depending on their particular needs. This includes; Strategic Planning, Business Growth and Development, Technology/Product Management, Market Research, Project Management, and other services. Along with Solenipro’s experience and expertise, we partner with other Independent Business Professionals to provide our Customers additional services.

Solenipro will have a focus on your business. We will place emphasis on finding solutions for future growth such as:

  • Having a plan for profitability and sustainment is the foundation of every business. Solenipro will evaluate your company’s overall business strategy to implement an effective plan.
  • Performing an analysis of the best opportunities for expansion and develop a timetable for implementation.
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