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We provide a wide range of services and products to suite our Customers. Our services and products are shown below. Solenipro provides the following core services:

(1) Business Growth Solutions (BGS) Services

BGS Products

•Business Capability Assessment

•Organizational Assessment

•Growth Opportunity Identification

•Innovative Growth Strategy Planning

•Strategic Plan Development for Growth

(2) Research & Analysis (RA) Services 

RA Products

•Market Research & Analysis

•Feasibility Studies

•Trade Studies

•Organizational/Market Gap Analysis

•Benefits Cost Analysis (BCA)

(3) Organizational Management (OM) Services 

OM Products

•Schedule and Resource Management

•Technical Expert Staffing

•Organization Leadership and Guidance

•Program Planning and Execution

•Configuration Management

(4) Business Development (BD) & Consulting

BD Products

•Business Development Plan

•Customer Relations Management

•Capture Management Plan

•Risk Management

•Communications and Networking


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