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What makes Solenipro unique is our approach and methodology to growing your business. While most consulting firms offer services utilizing conventional business growth models, Solenipro uses a system engineering approach for business development solutions and growth.

Solenipro's Growth Solutions Model (GSM) centers on proven engineering principles. This unique approach to growing your business will provide your company with an adaptable framework for effective decision making. This includes market needs analysis, planning, company diagnosis, business growth design, business development and implementation, testing, and other key activities. Our bottom line is developing a structure for generating revenue towards growth and sustainment of your company.

Far too many businesses fail to achieve their growth targets in revenue, profitability, and expansion. Studies have shown business success rates as low as 20%. Based on research and experience, a couple of key factors that contributes to these rates are the inadequate consideration of opportunities within the core business, unclear value propositions, and an organizational infrastructure that cannot support successful execution.

GSM is an adaptable framework for decision making combining system engineering principles with business growth models. GSM provides the rigor that would be applied to developing engineering systems while reducing risks for a Business. The goal of GSM is to provide a risk reducing structure for generating revenue towards growth and sustainment.
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